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I’m Tonya … a social media consultant who helps Christian authors launch books, blogs, brands, courses and programs.

(Sometimes, I also talk Christian writers off ledges and hold their hair back when vulnerability and fear take hold).

Launching is scary stuff. I get that.

As a writer, what you launch is deeply personal. The words you spill out on paper are hard-won, forged in the fires of experience. Your courses and programs come from your personal journey, with peaks and valleys.

You have skinned knees, sweaty palms and that burning in your stomach that feels like fear but could be excitement. If only you could stop long enough to tell the difference.

No two launches are alike, even if they “should” be … because no two writers are alike.

When I look at some of my authors — working on the same goals, in just about the same industry, targeting the pretty much the same sort of people — I see wildly different needs.

What makes their needs different is where they are right now – as a person, as a writer and as a business owner.

Some people need help launching a product, like a book or a course. Other people need to launch a brand or a concept.

Still others need someone to bounce off ideas, to identify blind spots and offer perspective. They need to go from 1.0 to 2.0.

And sometimes, people need help figuring out if what they are doing right now is even right for them. 

 So yes…launching is scary. Because launching is messy.

Maybe you’re dealing with launch “business”
strategies, campaigns, teams, tech, branding and so on.

Or maybe, you’re dealing with launch “emotions” 
fear, anxiety, frustration, overwhelm.

Most likely? You’re dealing with both business and emotion, like a jumble of plans, ideas and desires heaped into a cluttered pile on the floor.

As a writer, you’re a creative and the creative process is filled with clutter.

As a coach, I help you cut through that clutter to figure out the next best step for your launch, your business and your future.

As a consultant, I can boss you around — telling you what to do and when to do it so you don’t have think (or have time to overthink).

If you’re in a messy spot right now, if you need guidance and direction for your unique situation, I can help.


Working with me is simple: I get to know where you are right now and what you need to move forward. Then we go from there.

Coaching is about asking great questions to help you come up with great answers to get to where you need to be. Consulting is about asking great questions, telling you what to do and even showing you how to do it.

Both services involve conversations. We get on Zoom or the phone to talk things through. Together, we can hit the accelerator on your personal AND your professional life.

>>Wondering if I’m a good fit for you?<<

The best way to find out is to try. Book a 15-minute consult to find out more. It’s free and trust me, you’ll either love me or hate me by the time we end the call.

Clients don’t hire me to tell them what they want to hear…they hire me to tell them what they need to hear and to support their efforts in getting to where they want to be.

Client Love Notes

Tonya is one of the most dynamic, strategic people I’ve ever met. As a coach and author, hiring Tonya was the most beneficial business decision I’ve made. She listened to my jumbled ideas, pulled out the concept, and transformed it into a clear path where I felt empowered. Working alongside me, she offered a wealth of knowledge, encouragement, and a gentle nudge when I needed it most.

– Angela Garvey, author of Tiny Homes and Tummy Tucks

Tonya listened. Let me ramble and get everything out. Asked me a simple question and helped me focus on what I really love and the audience I really want to serve.

Tonya knows social media inside and out. There’s not been one question I’ve had on social media that she can’t answer. But it’s more than social media. She is truly a life coach. And I don’t mean only in a “businessy” sort of way. But in a caring, authentic way.

If you are looking to find your niche, your target audience, your outlet on social media or a way to communicate what you feel your purpose is, then Tonya is the coach for you.

She helped me overcome my fear of myself and the fear of the unknown. She helped me identify my passion and to find the proper outlets to share my passion with my audience.

Deanna Day Young – author of Extra Hot Fudge Please

Pricing Details

My coaching program is unique and it’s unlimited.

For $2,997 a year (or $397 a month), you get as many 15-minute sessions as you need to get to where you want to be. 

It’s enough time to ask one big question and get one meaningful action step for homework. Once you complete your assignment, you can book your next 15-minute session.  Book one a day, one a week or one a month — the pacing and follow-up is entirely up to you based on your productivity.

Consulting, on the other hand, is a partnership. 

Hire me as your business consultant, and you’re paying me to boss you around. I’ll tell you what you want, what you need and, when appropriate, I might dive in and show you how to do it.

Consulting is a higher level of service and starts at $325 an hour or $3,500 per month on retainer.

You can’t hire me for coaching or consulting without talking to me first, and I have no desire to sell you what you don’t need. During your free consultation, we dive into your current situation and I offer my recommendations. You get to decide from there.


If you’re interested in working together on your strategies for social media , marketing or online communities, your next step is to book a call with me.

This free consultation gives you 15 to 30 minutes to tell me what you are working on and what you hope to achieve by working with me.

We’ll talk about you and your business, and we can both decide what we think about the prospect of working together.


At the end of the call, I’ll give you options for what we can do together based on your budget and your goals. You can take a little time to think it over or commit right on the spot.

And if I’m NOT the right person, I’ll do my best to refer you to other professionals best suited to your needs.


Email our office at and ask for a booking link to schedule your initial consultation.

I look forward to connecting with you!

~ Tonya

Tonya Kubo - Social Media Engagement for Christian Authors

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