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Online Visibility: How to Get Seen When You’re Not Well Known

Do you want more online visibility but feel like you don’t know where to begin?

In this episode of Awesome Talk with Tonyavisibility expert Csilla Muscan shares her top tips and tricks when it comes to getting seen online even when you’re not well known.

Csilla is someone who knows how to connect with her followers on a deep level AND she makes it count. As an author, speaker, podcaster and speaker coach, Csilla has carved out a nice chunk of online real estate for herself even without a huge online audience.

Whenever the topic of online visibility, I hear three top complaints from the message-driven writers, entrepreneurs and experts I serve:

  1. I can’t get seen. My audience is too small! I’m too new!
  2. I don’t have enough time. It takes too long get my name out there.
  3. I don’t have the right credentials. I’m nobody special.

Of those three, which resonates most with you?

If you’re like our live video viewers, it comes down to time. You feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. That may or may not be true, but let’s unpack these challenges in order.

How to Get Seen When You’re Just Starting Out

Everyone starts somewhere. Neither Csilla nor I landed on the scene with a ready-made audience throwing credit cards at our faces. We set goals, made plans and took action. You can, too. If you’re just starting out, Csilla recommends taking a narrow focus to your message and your audience. If you try to reach everyone, you’ll reach no one.

We know this to be true. We’ve seen it and we’ve lived it.

Here’s what Csilla recommends:

  1. Pick ONE person as your target.
  2. Pick ONE message to attract your ONE PERSON.
  3. Build relationships focused on your message and your person.

Build one-to-one relationships, knowing that the impact amplifies over time. You might not get results overnight, but they will come. And those results come in the form of referrals, speaking gig, podcast interviews and more. The consistent effort pays off in big ways.

How to Grow Your Online Visibility When You Don’t Have Much Time

If you’re a busy working homeschool mom like me, or a busy working mompreneur like Csilla, you don’t have time to waste. Here’s the deal: NOBODY has time to waste. We all have the same 24 useable hours in every given day, and we all have to maximize them so we can do both what we need to do AND what we want to do.

If you can carve out 15 to 30 minutes a day, you can grow your online audience and authority. Csilla teaches a framework and I coach my private clients on audience growth strategies focused on working smarter instead of harder (or longer). 

The key, though, is strategic. If you’re using social media to build relationships and visibility, you can’t get lost in cat videos or go down a rabbit hole of posts from crazy relatives on your newsfeed. You have to show up, make your connections and move on with your day. If you need help with that, check out this cheat sheet.

How to Build Your Authority When You Lack Credentials

Whenever I hear someone say they feel they lack credentials to grow their online visibility, I hear insecurity. And, for most people, the issue of time or being new is a smokescreen for feeling unqualified.

If you have a message placed upon your heart to share, you’ve been called to do so. Unless your calling requires an advanced degree, such as being a doctor, lawyer, or scientist, people aren’t nearly as concerned with what you know as much as they are concerned with the results you can get for them.

It’s not that credentials aren’t important. They are. But frequently, experience and skill can stand in for some credentials. The thing with letters after your name is they offer the perception of credibility and skill, but what your audience really cares about is what you can help them to achieve.

Other ways to develop perceived credibility are to blog, publish a book, start a podcast, work directly with your target audience as a coach or consultant, step on a stage and speak at a public event. Some methods gain you credibility faster than others, but everything combines to grow the authority you have and need to be a recognized expert in your chosen field.

Tonya Kubo

Tonya Kubo

Social Media Consultant

Tonya Kubo is founder of Team Kubo Community Management. She supports experts, entrepreneurs, and enterprises in developing highly engaged online communities so they can grow their groups and get results without feeling frazzled. See the team in action at

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  1. Tonya Kubo

    When you hear a nugget, make sure to put it in the comments with the word NUGGET in all caps. We’ll give away a NUGGET prize to one live viewer today and a replay viewer at the end of the week.

  2. David Fisher

    Csilla Nugget: good presenters aren’t always born, they often work on and develop their skills

    • Csilla Muscan

      Susan Kleypas Macias this is a big one for many of us 🙂 Thanks for joining Susan.

  3. David Fisher

    Csilla Nugget: you only need 1000 true fans to grow an impactful business

  4. David Fisher

    Csilla Nugget: you are only one speech away from getting on a stage in front of 3,000 people

  5. David Fisher

    Csilla Nugget: How do I find the time? Time is excuse. Strategy: spend just 15-30 minutes a day (to build your business)

  6. Lisa Lara McComas

    NUGGET: HUGE IMPACT can happen even when the individual doesn’t have a lot of time

  7. David Fisher

    Csilla Nugget: Expect 99% “no” – focus on going after the 1% “yes”

  8. Tonya Kubo

    NUGGET: Imposter Syndrome doesn’t go away – ever

    • Csilla Muscan

      Toni Mitchusson Mills absolutely!! Imposter syndrome is a constant companion just like fear. We need to learn to silence it, which is easier said than done. Thanks for being here.

  9. Doreen Browning

    NUGGET: People are not looking for your experience, they are looking for transformation or results.

    • Doreen Browning

      Csilla Muscan , thank you for the awesome Live! You shared so much information that had value for me.

  10. David Fisher

    Csilla Nugget: people aren’t looking for credentials – people are looking for transformation/results.

  11. David Fisher

    Csilla Nugget: embrace that everybody struggles. To break out of imposter syndrome: don’t make big promises, focus on each small success

  12. Dixie Elliott

    Nugget:It’s about the transformation, share the results they can see!

  13. David Fisher

    Tonya Nugget: it is about finding the right tactic (vehicle) for your message. (i.e. live videos, Podcasts…)
    Csilla Nugget: Make a dream list and start using templates to speak to hosts when reaching out.

    • Csilla Muscan

      David Fisher you were a ROCKSTAR in sharing the nuggets. Thank you for being here. Hope you found the time spent valuable!! 🙂

    • Csilla Muscan

      Jilliann Woods so excited that you were hop on the live with us 🙂 <3

  14. Maria Klingsheim

    I totally get it! I started as a musician and actress and never thought I’d ever speak. But I got a few opportunities and love it.

  15. Maria Klingsheim

    I feel like I’m too new and don’t have the time or know the plan/path to get going

  16. Maria Klingsheim

    NUGGET: build one to one relationships. (This is a word for word confirmation of something the Lord said to me a few years ago.) THANK YOU FOR THE REMINDER!!!

  17. Jake Doberenz

    NUGGET: “Having no time” is an excuse–it’s not as hard as we think!

  18. Andrea Lende

    NUGGET 15-30 min a day pitching every day can effectively get in front of people

  19. Marlene Houk

    All 3: I want to write and communicate my message, but the learning curve, reaching out, and being there struggle with the private time to write.

  20. Marlene Houk

    NUGGET – Make small promises at first. Highlight transformation and results.

  21. Marlene Houk

    NUGGET – All I need is to share how I made a difference in someone’s life.


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