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You’re looking for slow cooker social media. You want us to fix it, so you can forget it. From soup to nuts, we handle everything from content planning and creation to scheduling and basic analysis. These basic services include a monthly strategy call and editorial calendar proposal for your review.

Starter package

Designed specifically for the client who needs an immediate jumpstart on social media, the Starter Package creates or updates your Facebook business page and includes a month of Basic social media management so you can experience instant results in building your brand online. After consultation, we’ll create or update your Facebook business page with cover image, profile image, bio, opt-in links, etc. to optimize it for both engagement and conversions. You also get $25 advertising credit to build your audience.

BASIC package

Need a single channel managed for you? Basic service is right up your alley. Monthly strategy calls enable you to share your objectives, and our team takes it from there. Pricing is for Facebook; contact us for other channels.

BASIC+ package

The Basic+ service is for clients who have more than one channel to manage. This service allows you to present a unified brand across platforms that’s aligned with your strategy and designed to meet your goals. Pricing is for Facebook plus one other channel; contact us for information on managing other channels or Facebook groups.

Need help with Facebook groups or advertising?

I offer specialty services beginning at $250 a month.

My coaching with Tonya was one of the best things I’d done in a while. I NEEDED FOCUS as too many ideas were making my next step feel overwhelming. Tonya asked direct, thoughtful questions that helped focus in on my next steps. I appreciate that she’s a thinker and gathers lots of information before making her suggestions. When she did, it was EXACTLY what I needed. She saved me so much time, energy, and cost by helping me focus on my next steps. I would recommend her as a social media coach any day of the week and
twice on Sunday.

– Jenn Buell- TedX Speaker, Writer and Podcaster

Client Love Notes

Tonya Kubo has been a literal God-send for Next Step Coaching Services. Her strategy is growing our audience, and her implementation has taken a load off our shoulders so that we can do what we’re good at—coaching! Tonya’s experienced, has a tremendous work ethic and is LOVELY to work with on top of it all.

– Amy Carroll, Amy Carroll Founder and Coach for Next Step Coaching Services Author and Speaker
When people ask “How do you do it all?” I am the first to admit, I don’t. I have Tonya.

The list of how Tonya contributes to my ministry and business is long: simplifying processes, having a vision for my social media, connecting with my audience in meaningful ways, and being strategic not only for our growth, but out impact.

But the most important role that Tonya plays is of advocate. She is the one who is constantly saying, I’ll take care of that – you go do the things that only you can do.” That? Is the partner I’ve needed in ministry all along.
And it’s a gift.

Kathi Lipp – Best Selling Author and founder of Clutter Free Academy

About Tonya

I believe you can build real relationships online. You don’t have to be fake, sensational or salesy. You just have to be you. That’s why I teach socially savvy strategy to speakers, writers and entrepreneurs like you. Intentional focus yields intentional results. I should know.

I’ve been professionally and privately smitten by the power of social media to create community among strangers since 2007. I’ve launched and managed social media accounts on every channel for organizations and personal brands of all sizes with a focus on relationships. I’m the leader of Kathi Lipp’s Clutter Free Academy, the rapidly growing Facebook community designed to support the Clutter Free brand. Whether you’re already a household name or a beginner trying to make a name for yourself, I believe you can achieve your goals just by being yourself. All you need is to be shown how.

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Tonya Kubo - Social Media Engagement for Christian Authors

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