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You know what you’re doing but lately, things aren’t working. You need a tweak or two to get those pages growing and your audience engaged. These packages are perfect for the client ready to go to the next level with their social media efforts.

Strategy session w/ comprehensive audit = $225

  Who this is for: You’re a socially savvy entrepreneur interested in taking your social media results to the next level. You either handle your own social media management with confidence or outsource the work to a VA. This stand-alone service is perfect for the client looking to be intentional about their social media content and activity. What you get: A comprehensive audit examines your online presence (social media + blog/website) to look for opportunities and challenges to growth. In a single strategy call, we’ll discuss the audit, your objectives and then you’ll receive a detailed action plan for the next 60 days that includes a social media calendar to guide your content creation.
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Custom Coaching Services

Coaching is a partnership that works best when you bring your best to each session. Success depends on your level of preparation and willingness to take action. Unlike strategy sessions, you drive the agenda  for each session with your questions. All coaching clients receive a recording of each session and typed call summary. More details on packages below.

Single Session

Need to brainstorm or talk through specific pinch points you’re facing? Book a coaching session to get unstuck and create your action plan to move forward. A single session lasts 50 minutes and can be done over the phone or via an online meeting room (link provided by Tonya).

Four Sessions

This is for the action-oriented entrepreneur who is done dabbling and ready for results. Your sessions are split over 90 days and include recordings, session summaries and homework designed to level you up. Each session lasts 50 minutes and can be done over the phone or via an online meeting room (link provided by Tonya).

Client Love Notes

Tonya Kubo has been a literal God-send for Next Step Coaching Services. Her strategy is growing our audience, and her implementation has taken a load off our shoulders so that we can do what we’re good at—coaching! Tonya’s experienced, has a tremendous work ethic and is LOVELY to work with on top of it all.  
– Amy Carroll, Amy Carroll Founder and Coach for Next Step Coaching Services Author and Speaker
When people ask “How do you do it all?” I am the first to admit, I don’t. I have Tonya. The list of how Tonya contributes to my ministry and business is long: simplifying processes, having a vision for my social media, connecting with my audience in meaningful ways, and being strategic not only for our growth, but out impact. But the most important role that Tonya plays is of advocate. She is the one who is constantly saying, I’ll take care of that – you go do the things that only you can do.” That? Is the partner I’ve needed in ministry all along. And it’s a gift.   Kathi Lipp – Best Selling Author and founder of Clutter Free Academy

About Tonya

I believe you can build real relationships online. You don’t have to be fake, sensational or salesy. You just have to be you. That’s why I teach social savvy strategies to entrepreneurs like you. Intentional focus yields intentional results. I should know. I’ve been professionally and privately smitten by the power of social media to create community among strangers since 2007. I’ve launched and managed social media accounts on every channel for organizations and personal brands of all sizes with a focus on relationships. I’m the leader of Kathi Lipp’s Clutter Free Academy, the rapidly growing Facebook community designed to support the Clutter Free brand. Whether you’re already a household name or a beginner trying to make a name for yourself, I believe you can achieve your goals just by being yourself. All you need is to be shown how.

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Tonya Kubo - Social Media Engagement for Christian Authors

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