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Building Community in Digital Spaces

You understand that social media is a powerful tool in engaging your audiences, but you’re unsure of how to harness it to achieve your business objectives. Should you be on Facebook? What about Twitter? Is Instagram where it’s at? What’s the point of Snapchat? How about LinkedIn?

Or maybe you know exactly what needs to be done but lack the time or resources to do it well. No matter what side of the social media spectrum you’re on, Tonya and her team can help. Coaching and consulting services are available to individuals, teams and organizations so they can project their best selves in the digital realm. Obsessed with the power of social media to create community among strangers, Tonya understands true engagement doesn’t come from gaming a channel’s algorithm but from developing authentic online relationships. Let her help you so that you can invest more in the areas of your business that only you can do.

Writing and Editing

Tonya loves a good story in any form and considers the art of storytelling to be a marriage of both writing and editing.  A former journalist, she’s written for newspapers, magazines, blogs and has taken on editing projects that range from doctoral dissertations to feature stories. She loves a good story and falls in love with every subject and source, feeling honored when they trust her to speak their truth.


Tonya believes in intentional coaching to improve performance. She offers workshops on media relations, digital reputation management and cultivating online communities.

Tonya Kubo - Social Media Engagement for Christian Authors

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