posting consistently to social media means a lot of typin

Words matter. You know it and I know it. Writers make their living from knowing it.

Unlike the rest of the world, writers know words are what drive their online reputations. Sure, slick designs are pretty. I like beautiful photography and bold features as much as the next person.

But words and wordsmithing are always going to get the bulk of my attention. They should get yours, too.

Are you using yours well? More importantly, are you using yours consistently?

If you fail to execute your social media posting plan, you're stuck on start. Click To Tweet

Writers owe it to their audiences to suit up and show up every day. You owe them daily posts on your social media channels, weekly emails and monthly blogs (at least). Content is king, as the saying goes. But consistency is most certainly queen.

Why Writers Don’t Post to Social Media Consistently

Consistency is tough, though. I hear it in my consulting/coaching practice all the time. Here are the top three reasons people give me for why they aren’t posting to social media consistently:

  1. They don’t have enough time to post;
  2. Or they don’t get enough response to justify making time to post;
  3. And they don’t know what to say when they do post

Some time ago, I posted a poll on Facebook asking followers why they weren’t consistent on social media.

The responses were split between “not enough time” and “not enough response.”

These results led me to publish my longest blog article to date, The Ultimate Guide to Online Content Creation for Communicators Who Actually Care. The article is a monster…it’s a comprehensive guide of why you should create social media content consistently, how to do it and what type of content is most effective.

No time to read a 5,000-word article on social media content creation?

Consider this post the next best thing.

Why Writers Struggle to Post Consistently on Social Media

Writers struggle with posting to social media for the following reasons:

  1. They don’t understand the format
  2. They don’t make it a priority
  3. They have unrealistic expectations

Posting to social media requires a different slant than many writers are accustomed to. It takes practice, a lot of it, before you get the hang of what words work best with your people. Meanwhile, you already feel like you don’t have enough hours in the day to do what you want — and what you need.

Bold truth: Strong audience relationships require a strategy, a plan and consistent execution.

Even if you’re a prolific writer and speaker, you have to dedicate time to your online strategy. It takes time to repurpose your blog articles into emails and social media posts, especially if you intend to do it well. However, this is time well spent because your goal is to connect with your audience!

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Set a Goal for Posting to Social Media Consistently

If you want a solid strategy to post consistently to social media, start with the end in mind.

Ask yourself:

  • What is your goal?
  • What does success look like?
  • How will I know I’ve won?
  • How long am I willing to wait for results?
  • What numbers matter most?

Goal setting is about being kind to yourself! Know your goals. Make a plan. Execute the plan and reach your goals faster than you thought you could.

Create a Plan to Achieve Your Goal

There’s best practices and realistic practices. Each of us has to find our own middle ground.

You KNOW you should post to social media every day. If that’s not realistic for you, you need to figure out what small step you can now to get closer to the ideal of daily posting.

Something is better than nothing — but whatever you choose to do, you have to be consistent. Any algorithm-based platform is going to rank consistent activity higher than inconsistent activity.

Always remember: Content is king, but consistency is queen. Click To Tweet

To paraphrase from My Big, Fat Greek Wedding: The man might be the head of house but the woman is the neck, and the neck can turn the head. So if you can’t post your content daily, post it consistently.

Execute the Plan You Create

If you fail to execute your social media posting plan, you’re stuck on start.

No matter how big or small your plan is, commit to following it for 30 to 90 days. The longer you do it, the better data you can collect on what works and what doesn’t. After 90 days, take a hard look at the numbers to see what changes can be made to amplify your successes.

If you don’t know how to read your data or what numbers matter, find someone who does. You can phone a friend, hire it out or join my Facebook Group on thriving online communities. The focus over there is online communities and the successful management of them, but I host regular live coaching sessions where you’re welcome to ask me just about anything.


Tonya Kubo believes in people over process and uses a personalized approach to help writers leverage the power of social media to launch books, online communities, membership programs and brands. She is the founder of the Clutter Free Academy Facebook groupSecret to Thriving Online Communities Facebook group and Clutter Free for Life membership program. She is a frequent guest on the Clutter Free Academy and Communicator Academy podcasts, has been featured on the Biz Mavens podcast, and has taught at Leverage: The Speaker Conference.

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