How to Build Your Online Following from Zero

building an online following from zero

How do you grow your online following from zero?

It’s not as hard as it seems. The process itself is simple, but it does take time and energy and effort. It also takes time. But if you know what you’re doing and take a strategic approach, it will happen and sometimes faster than you imagine.

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To help you become known and loved by your ideal reader or fan, I have recorded a masterclass for the Writing at the Red House Podcast. In this podcast series, I walk you through the process of growing your audience from start to finish.

In this podcast series, we’re going to cover understanding who your audience is, building a compelling offer that is tailored to your ideal reader, and then I’ll teach you how to create a content strategy and calendar for social media. Finally, we’ll talk about building collaborative relationships with power partners to reach even more followers!

your brand is how people relate to you


Episode 221: Understand Your Audience

The first step in building your online following is understanding who your audience is.

This episode will walk you through the process of thinking like your reader, so you can align what you offer with what they most desperately desire.

Since recording this episode, I’ve worked with several clients who have struggled in this area. Knowing who we want to help is one thing, but figuring out what they think, feel and do is another. The best place to start is by asking. If you want help in doing that, you can borrow my brain. A free 20-minute session could help you identify the best questions to ask to get to the heart of your reader’s deepest needs.

audience beliefs tonya kubo

Episode 222: Create Your Compelling Offer

Once you’ve established your ideal reader and their needs, it’s time to create a compelling offer.

Making an offer compelling is less about the features you provide and more about the way you position your message.

In this episode, you can learn:

  • How to know what to offer your people
  • How to find your giant BUT
  • Discover a great framework to build from

No. 1 mistake communicators make on social media

Episode 223: Create a Content Strategy and Editorial Calendar

Now that you’ve created your offer, it’s time to put together a content strategy.

In this episode, we’ll go through how to plan out your content in advance so you can steadily grow an audience by inviting followers to develop a relationship with you.

You’ll learn:

  • The different between a strategy and a plan
  • How to start developing a strategy of your own
  • The two mistakes most communicators make with their content

be a good follower Tonya Kubo

Episode 224: Build Collaborative Relationships

The final step of building your online following from zero is to develop collaborative relationships with peers and mentors who can become power partners.

You might not think you have much to offer if your audience is small, or you’re just starting out, but that’s not true. We all have something to offer if we take the time to think it through.

In this episode, you can learn:

  • How to be a good follower
  • Why you should want to share
  • How to approach collaboration
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In just about an hour, you can listen to the masterclass and be well on your way to building your online following — even when you’re starting from zero. This four-part masterclass is free and available online, and on your favorite podcast apps. The editorial calendar and posting prompts mentioned in the series are available for free in my private Facebook group, Tonya Kubo’s Secret to Thriving Online Communities.

Communicator Connection: How Assuming the Best Can Help Your Group

Governance is a hot topic in online communities.

There can be a fine line between too much and not enough. Too far in either direction, and the group suffers. But how do you find your happy medium?

That’s what we’re talking about in this episode of Communicator Connection.

Transformative Leadership Coach James Leonard, author of Positive Intent, joins me for a discussion on how assuming the best can help to cultivate healthy group culture — even in not-so-healthy times.

Find out…

  • How James uses generosity and curiosity to approach even the stickiest of online situation,
  • How control and fear play into our personal discomfort in these scenarios, and
  • How we can all take a lesson from the sun in how we approach conflict.

These 30 minutes go quickly and are packed with practical ways to apply strategy to the groups you lead.

Watch till the end for the special offer James has JUST FOR OUR VIEWERS!

More About This Episode

Communicator Connection is a live conversation on the topics that every communicator wants to know or needs to know to move forward in amplifying their messages.

In Episode 1, James and I talk about handling sticky situations with grace and generosity. As founder of the Positive Intent Bootcamp, James has seen the limits of positive intent stretched in both real life and online spaces.

He applies curiosity and generosity in all aspects of life: life, career, relationships and personal growth.

All of these areas collide in online communities. We have groups around our circumstances, our lifestyles and our aspirations. What’s fascinating about James and his perspective on positive intent is that it’s not a passive process. If anything, it requires active listen and generous application of a genuine desire to know more about others.

When you watch the episode, pay attention to:

  • How fear and control play into what makes us uncomfortable as leaders,
  • What our own emotions say about the challenges we face in our groups, and
  • What questions we can ask in our groups to redirect or to go deeper with the people we perceive to be problematic.

Special Offer for Communicator Connection Viewers

Speaking of generosity, James is offering a free 30-minute session with viewers who are interested in further exploring how to apply positive intent to the challenging situations in their lives. To take advantage of this offer, visit James’ website and fill out the contact form. Tell him Tonya sent you 😊

Also mentioned in this episode

Tonya Kubo helps Christian communicators leverage the power of social media to build community around the messages of their hearts. She is the founder of Kathi Lipp’s Clutter Free Academy Facebook group and a frequent guest on the Clutter Free Academy and Communicator Academy podcasts. If you’re interested in building digital communities, join her FREE Facebook Group, The Secret to Thriving Online Communities

Biz Mavens Podcast: Unlocking the Secret to Thriving Online Communities

Know everything there is to know about thriving online communities? Then keep walking.

The information I’m about to share is for those who want to learn more about developing authentic online relationships. You know, actually get to know the people you serve in a real way.

When Jeni B. invited me to discuss Facebook Groups and other online communities on the Biz Mavens podcast, my own Facebook Group didn’t exist. It was the perfect nudge I needed to get the ball rolling. My passion for online communities is hard to contain. As a result, I evangelize the power of online communities to every blogger, speaker, writer, podcaster and author I encounter. They are a great way to build a team around your message AND to help you truly connect with the people you aim to serve. BUT they have to be done well. Done poorly and you end up hating life in one way or another. Worse, some community leaders find themselves resenting their audience.

You deserve better.

I want you to LOVE your people as much as they love you. I want serving them to bring you the same level of joy you bring to them.

And that’s what this episode of the Biz Mavens podcast is all about.

Masterclass on Thriving Online Communities

Jeni B. is a superlative interviewer, helping me to deliver what really is a masterclass on the topic of thriving online communities. It’s worth an hour of your time to hear the answers to questions like:

  • What’s the difference between free and paid groups?
  • What is “good” group culture?
  • Is creating a group right for you?
  • How do you come up with consistent content for your group?
  • How do you stand out?

But that’s not all you’ll hear. Because I’m me and, like Jeni, I believe in suiting up and showing up with my very best, I also share insights for communicators at all stages of community building and why guru culture is the worst. My hope is that you’ll listen to the podcast for yourself AND share it with someone you know who could benefit.

And at the end, if you decide you’re ready to take the plunge by creating your own online community, make sure to get the support you need by joining The Secret to Thriving Online Communities with me over on Facebook.

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